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Embark on a gastronomic journey with the Commander's Book Collection—a treasure trove of culinary masterpieces and delightful tales that capture the essence of the Brennan family's culinary legacy. From the heart of New Orleans to your kitchen, savor the flavors and stories that define Commander's Palace with these four books.

Commander's Kitchen | Unveiling Culinary Secrets

Dive behind the kitchen doors and unlock the secrets to a truly exhilarating culinary experience with "Commander's Kitchen." Featuring 150 recipes from the restaurant's extensive offerings and cherished Brennan family recipes. From the iconic Shrimp and Tasso Henican to the regal Bread Pudding Souffle, each recipe is a journey into the heart of Haute Creole cuisine.

In The Land Of Cocktails A Spirited Adventure

For those seeking cocktail therapy and a spirited adventure, "In The Land Of Cocktails" is your ultimate guide. Co-proprietors Ti Adelaide Martin and Lally Brennan take you on a rip-roaring trip through the world of mixology. Learn to distinguish a Brandy Crusta from a French 75 and explore the nuanced world of cocktails, making your evenings as lively as the streets of New Orleans.

Miss Ella The Architect of American Dining

Meet Ella Brennan, affectionately known as "Miss Ella," the visionary who transformed the American dining scene. In "Miss Ella," her remarkable journey unfolds, from an 18-year-old joining her brother's Bourbon Street bar to becoming one of America's greatest business coaches. Discover her profound impact on the restaurant industry and Creole cuisine, a tale that continues to resonate nationwide.

Commander's Wild Side A Feast of the Untamed

For enthusiasts of wild game, fish, and fowl, "Commander's Wild Side" invites you to indulge in dishes that celebrate the untamed. This collection showcases the legendary talent of Commander's Palace, where the freshest ingredients meet a tradition of fun. Immerse yourself in the culinary excellence that proves great restaurants, like fine wines, only get better with time.

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