Mardi Gras Catering (Local Pick-Up Only)

This time of year, there becomes an excitement around the city of New Orleans that you can feel in the air. The music on the street gets a little louder and the pep in your step gets a little lighter as the buzz of the upcoming Mardi Gras season starts to set in. It’s a city-wide celebration in New Orleans that is like nothing else on the planet.

At Commander’s Palace, nestled in the Garden District, a beads throw away from the St. Charles Parade route, that excitement is bursting at the seams. The parades travel up the Avenue, music of the marching bands fill the air, Brandy Milk Punches are poured, Kings and Queens of the various dining rooms of the old Victorian house that is Commander’s are being appointed and great food is being prepared in the kitchen. 

 All orders will be available for pickup at Le Petit Bleu (1427 Washington Avenue). LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Dates for pick-up include 2/7-2/12, 7am-7pm.